Chengqi ST-1

Chinese: 承泣

Pinyin: Chéng Qì


Between the eyeball and the midpoint of the infraorbital ridge. 

How to locate

The first four points of the Stomach Channel are located vertically in the central pupil line, when the patients look straight ahead. 

The infraorbital ridge is an obvious bony structure under the lower eyelid. 

Chengqi ST-1 is located on the pupil line, between the eyeball and the infraorbital ridge. 

Main actions

  1. Clears Heat
  2. Clears Wind


Ask the patient to look upward, gently push the eyeball upwards and insert the needle vertically along the orbital ridge in a dorsal direction.

Caution: Venous plexus and arteries, avoid injuring the eyeball and periost! Needling recommended only by experienced practitioners!

After removing the needle, press firmly on the insertion site for about one minute to prevent haematoma. Inform the patient that it may still be possible for a haematoma to develop.

Commentary for Chengqi ST-1

Chengqi ST-1 is widely used for various eye disorders due to Exterior or Interior Wind or Heat.  Indications includes acute and chronic conjunctivitis, myopia, astigmatism, squint, color blindness, night blindness, glaucoma, atrophy of the optic nerve, cataract, keratitis and retinitis.

As it expels Winds, it is able to treat facial paralysis or deviation of eye and mouth as well.