Sibai ST-2

Chinese: 四白

Pinyin: Sì Bái


Below Chengqi ST-1, in the depression at the infraorbital foramen. 

How to locate

The first four points of the Stomach Channel are located vertically in the central pupil line, when the patients look straight ahead. 

The infraorbital ridge is an obvious bony structure under the lower eyelid. 

Sibai ST-2 is located in a depression inferior to the midpoint of the infraorbital ridge, at the infraorbital foramen.

Main actions

  1. Expels Wind
  2. Clears Heat


0.3–0.5 cun vertically or transversely towards Quanliao SI-18. In case of facial paralysis, towards Yingxiang LI-20. 

Caution: Infraorbital nerve, eye injury. 

According to some classic texts, moxibustion is contraindicated. Deep needling in an oblique cranial direction is contraindicated.

Commentary for Sibai ST-2

Similar to Chengqi ST-1, Sibai ST-2 is also mainly used for eye disorders due to Exterior or Interior Wind as well as Heat. Indications includes acute and chronic conjunctivitis, myopia, astigmatism, squint, colour blindness, night blindness, glaucoma, atrophy of the optic nerve, cataract, keratitis and retinitis.

As it expels Wind, it is able to treat trigeminal neuralgia, allergic rhinitis, facial paralysis or deviation of eye and mouth. 

Finally, it is used empirically to treat biliary ascariasis as well.