Dicang ST-4

Chinese: 地仓

Pinyin: Di Cāng


Lateral to the corner of the mouth, directly below Juliao ST-3

How to locate

The first four points of the Stomach Channel are located vertically in the central pupil line, when the patients look straight ahead. 

Dicang ST-4 is at the crossing point of the pupil line and a horizontal line originating at the corner of the mouth, about 0.4 cun lateral to the corner of the mouth.

Ask the patient to smile so that nasolabial groove line become more obvious. Dicang ST-4 is located in the nasolabial groove. 

Main actions

  1. Expels Wind
  2. Removes Obstructions from the Channel


Obliquely in a lateral direction or vertically 0.3–0.5 cun. 

Or apply penetration method: transversely 1.5–2 cun in cases of facial paralysis towards Jiache ST-6. In case of trigeminal neuralgia needle towards Yingxiang LI-20.

Caution: Facial artery/vein.

Commentary for Dicang ST-4

Dicang ST-4 is one of the most used local points for expelling Exterior Wind of the face. For example, it is always used in case of mouth deviation. 

Furthermore, it is also effective in expelling Interior Wind, characterized by post Wind-stroke symptoms such as facial paralysis, eye or mouth deviation, mouth drooling, inability to close eye. 

It also opens the Channel by removing Obstructions on face. Typical manifestations are cheek pain or toothache. 

Finally Dicang ST-4 has positive influence over facial muscles and can be used to treat aphasia.