Jimen SP-11

Chinese: 箕门

Pinyin: Jī Mén


6 cun above Xuehai SP-10, on the line draw from Xuehai SP-10 to Chongmen SP-12.

How to locate

First locate Xuehai SP-10 which is 2 cun above the medial superior border of the patella, in a depression on the vastus medialis muscle. 

Then locate Chongmen SP-12 which is 3.5 cun lateral to the midline, at the level of the upper border of the pubic symphysis, lateral to the femoral artery.

Draw an imaginary line between these two points and locate Jimen SP-11. It is 6 cun above the Xuehai SP-10. 

Main actions

  1. Regulates urination
  2. Clears Damp-Heat


Vertically 0.5–1 cun.

Caution: Femoral artery/vein

Commentary for Jimen SP-11

Jimen SP-11 is not a major point of the Spleen Channel. Its main function is to regulates urination and clear Damp-Heat