Xuehai SP-10

Chinese: 血海

Pinyin: Xuè Hǎi


When knee is flexed, Xuehai SP-10 is 2 cun above the medial upper border of the patella, in a depression on the vastus medialis muscle.

How to locate

Locate Xuehai SP-10 by measuring 2 cun proximal to the medial upper border of the patella and palpating slightly medially for a soft depression. 

Or: the practitioner places their left hand on the patient’s right patella, with the heel of the palm level with the inferior patellar border and the extended fingers pointing in a superior direction. With the thumb and index finger forming an angle of 45°, the tip of the thumb will point to SP-10.

Main actions

  1. Cools the Blood
  2. Invigorates Blood and removes Stagnation
  3. Regulates menstruation
  4. Benefits the skin


Vertically or obliquely 1–1.5 cun

Commentary for Xuehai SP-10

The 'Xuehai' (Sea of Blood) indicates its role. Xuehai SP-10 has a wide range of functions on Blood. With Tonifying Needling method, it nourishes Blood. With Reducing Needling method, it cools the Blood as well as invigorates the Blood by removing the Stagnation

A wide range of gynecological and dermatological disorders occur either caused by Blood Stagnation or Blood Heat. 

It also nourish the Blood, despite that it is less used this way than Sanyinjiao SP-6