Houxi SI-3

Chinese: 后溪

Pinyin: Hòu Xī


Proximal to the head of the 5th metacarpal bone on the ulnar side, in the depression at the junction of the red and white skin. 

How to locate

When a loose fist is made, a small bulge forms at the end of the most distal transverse crease. Then locate Houxi SI-3 in a palpable depression slightly proximal and dorsal to the bulge. 

Another quick method: Slide from proximal (wrist) to distal (little finger) along the ulnar border of the hand, until the palpating finger comes to rest at the junction between the base and the head of the 5th metacarpal bone proximal to the metacarpophalangeal joint. Locate Houxi SI-3 there. 

Main actions

  1. Regulates Governing Vessels
  2. Expels Internal or Exterior Winds
  3. Benefits sinews
  4. Clears Heat and benefits the sensory orifices


0.5–1 cun horizontally below the bone vertically to the skin towards the palm or 0.2–0.3 cun obliquely in a distal direction.

Commentary for Houxi SI-3

Houxi SI-3 is the confluent (opening) point of the Governing Vessel and it can be stimulated for a wide range of disorders related to this Extradentary Vessel. 

First of all, it expels Interior Wind from the Governing Vessel, so that it treats manifestations like convulsions, tremors, epilepsy, giddiness, dizziness and headache. 

It also expel Exterior Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat. The typical symptoms are pain and stiffness on neck, head, spine as well as back. Patients also suffer from malaria, aversion to cold, fever and various febrile diseases. 

Another important function is its benefits on the muscles and sinews, especially in acute situation. It opens the Governing Vessel, Small Intestine and Bladder Channel and eases pain and stiffness there. It is particularly effective in the upper occipital region as well as upper and lower back along the spine. Typical symptoms are stiff neck on occiput, occipital headache, difficulty in turning neck, pain in the upper back and shoulder as well as lower back pain. 

Finally, it clears Heat and benefits the sensory orifices such as the eyes, nose and ears. Therefore, it treats deafness, tinnitus, blurred vision, redness and pain of the eyes, swelling of eyes as well as nosebleed. 

It is often used together with Shenmai BL-62, to tonify the Kidneys, clear the Mind and eases chronic back pain in men. As for the chronic backache in women, the combination of SI-3, Lieque LU-7 and Zhaohai KI-6 is more applied.