Daling P-7

Chinese: 大陵

Pinyin: Dà Líng


In the depression in the middle of the transverse crease of the wrist, between the tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis muscle. 

How to locate

First identify the wrist joint space and locate Daling P-7 in the middle between the two tendons, which is easier to palpate when the fingertips are pressed together. 

If only one tendon is visible, it will be the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis muscle, which goes to the index finger. P-7 is on its ulnar side. 

Main actions

  1. Calms the Mind
  2. Clears Heat
  3. Harmonizes the Stomach


Vertically 0.3–0.5 cun or  0.5–1 cun obliquely in a lateral direction along the tunnel.

Caution: The median nerve is located directly under this point, thus needling can cause a significant electric sensation. In this case, no further needle manipulation to avoid possible injury. 

Commentary for Daling P-7

Daling P-7 is mostly used to calm the Mind, so that it treats symptoms like insomnia, manic behavior, palpitations, agitation, mental restlessness, sadness and fright.

This is a very similar function as its neighboring point of Shenmen HE-7. According to some books, P-7 is more useful in women, while HE-7 is better for men. Daling P-7 is also said to be more effective to treat the emotional problems caused by breaking up of relationships. 

Daling P-7 is able to clear Heat and Toxic Heat as well, especially in the case of the Heart Fire blazing. The typical symptoms are febrile disease, red eyes, thirst, eczema of hands, carbuncles or furuncles. The Fire in Heart is also responsible for mental issues such as anxiety or manic behavior. 

Finally, it can harmonize the Stomach and Intestines. Thus it treats typical symptoms such as epigastric pain or vomiting.