Wenliu LI-7

Chinese: 温溜

Pinyin: Wēn Liū


When a fist is made, with the ulnar side downward and elbow flexed, the point is 5 cun above Yangxi LI-5 at the wrist crease, 1 cun distal to the midpoint of the line joining Yangxi LI-5 and Quchi LI-11

How to locate

With the hand supinated, the line connecting Yangxi LI-5 and Quchi LI-11 runs alongside the radial margin of the forearm. However, with the arm pronated, it transverses the forearm.

The forearm is recommended to be in a mid-position with flexed elbow. Wenliu LI-7 is located on the dorso-lateral aspect of the radius, 5 cun above Yangxi LI-5 at the wrist or 1 cun distal to the midpoint of the line joining Yangxi LI-5 and Quchi LI-11. 

Main actions

  1. Clears Heat
  2. Removes obstructions from the Channel
  3. Opens the Mind's orifices
  4. Regulates the Intestines


Vertically 0.5–1 cun

Commentary for Wenliu LI-7

Wenliu LI-7 is an Accumulation-Xi point, which is the place the Qi and Blood gather and plunge deeper. They normally flow relatively superficially along the Channels from the Well-Jing point. Accumulation-Xi points are often used for acute conditions with pain. 

Wenliu LI-7 removes Obstructions from the Channel so as to stop pain, especially for acute cases in arms and shoulders. 

It is effective in clearing Heat and detoxifying in the face, eyes and mouth. The typical symptoms are mouth ulcers, hot tongue, tonsillitis, redness and swelling of the eye, facial pain, furuncles of face as well as toothache. 

When excessive Heat is accumulated in Bright Yang of the Six Stage Theory, the patients tend to have serious mental conditions such as manic behavior, uncontrolled or inappropriate laughing or hallucinations of 'ghost'. The point is also able to clear the Bright Yang Fire or Heat so as to open the Mind's orifices. 

Finally it regulates the Intestines so as to treat abdominal pain and distension.