Pianli LI-6

Chinese: 偏历

Pinyin: Piān Lì


3 cun above Yangxi LI-5, on the line joining Yangxi LI-5 and Quchi LI-11

How to locate

The forearm is recommended to be in a midposition with flexed elbow. Pianli LI-6 is located 3 cun or 1 handsbreath from the Yangxi LI-5 on the connecting line to Quchi LI-11

Located at the same level 3 cun proximal to the wrist crease on the dorsal side of the forearm, Zhigou TB-6 is in the depression between the radius and the muscle. Huizong TB-7 is in the depression between the ulna and the muscle. Jianshi P-5 is on the ventral side of the forearm between the tendons. 



Main actions

  1. Regulates water passages
  2. Expels Wind and clears Heat


Obliquely or transversely 0.5–1 cun. 

Commentary for Pianli LI-6

The Large Intestine Channel goes through the Lungs, which is the pairing Zang Organ for the Channel. 

When Exterior Pernicious Evils invade and penetrate the Defensive Qi in the space between the skin and muscles, Lungs' water passaging controlling function is impaired. This gives rise to symptoms such as urinary difficulty, borborygmi as well as oedema in the hand, face and abdomen. This issue can also be the result of prolonged Lung Qi Deficiency

Furthermore, Pianli LI-6 is a major point in regulating and opening the water passage by moving and transforming Body Fluids in the Upper Burner

It also removes Painful Obstruction Syndrome by expelling Wind-Heat