Jianqian EX-UE

Chinese: 肩前

Pinyin: Jiān Qián


On the midpoint of a line connecting the end of anterior axillary fold and Jianyu LI-15

How to locate

First locate Jianyu LI-15 by abducting the arm and find the depression anterior and inferior to the acromion. 

The end of anterior axillary is easily located at the lower border of the pectoralis major muscle. 

Draw an imaginary line and locate Jianqian EX-UE in the middle. 

Main actions

Removes Obstructions from the Channel


Vertically up to 1.5 cun. 

Commentary for Jianqian EX-UE

Jianqian EX-UE is very effective in treating shoulder disorders such as stiffness, pain and numbness, especially if the discomfort radiates to the anterior aspect of the shoulder along the Lung Channel

In clinical practice it is commonly combined with other important points for treating the shoulder such as Jianyu LI-15, Jugu LI-16, Jianliao SJ-14 and Naoshu SI-10.