Jugu LI-16

Chinese: 巨骨

Pinyin: Jù Gǔ


In the upper aspect of the shoulder, in the depression between the acromio-clavicular joint and the scapular spine. 

How to locate

This point is located on the shoulder, at the angle between the acromio-clavicular joint and the junction of the scapular spine and the acromion, above the most lateral portion of the trapezius and supraspinatus muscles.

At this point, the tendon of the supraspinatus delves below the acromion, where it often causes problems owing to the cramped anatomical structure (for example, impingement syndrome).

Main actions

Removes Obstruction from the Channel


Vertically 0.5–1 cun

Commentary for Jugu LI-16

Jugu LI-16 is a useful local point to treat pain and stiffness due to Painful Obstruction Syndrome in shoulders, upper arms and upper back. It is often used together with Jianyu LI-15 to remove the obstruction in the Channel by regulating Qi and Yang

It can also solve Phlegm so as to treat scrofula or goitre.