Shangming EX-HN

Chinese: 上明

Pinyin: Shàng Míng


When the patient looks straight forward, Shangming EX-HN is directly superior to the pupil, below the orbital ridge. 

How to locate

Ask the patient to look straight ahead, palpate for the margin of the orbit directly above the pupil.

Shangming EX-HN is located between the upper orbital ridge and the eyeball.

Yuyao EX-HN-4 is in the midline of the eyebrow, above Shangming EX-HN. 


Main actions

Benefits the eyes


Ask the patient to look upward and gently push the eyeball downward. Then slowly insert the needle 0.5–1 cun into the fatty tissue immediately below the orbit bone. 

Caution: Do not injure the eyeball. Pay attention to any pain from needling. No needle manipulation! 

After removal of the needle, compress the site for 10 minutes. Haematomas may still occur and it is recommended to inform the patient before needling. Alternative, use less difficult points for eye disorders such as Zanzhu BL-2, Sizhukong TB-23, Tongziliao GB-1, Sibai ST-2, Taiyang Ex-HN-5 or Yuyao Ex-HN-4.

Commentary for Shangming EX-HN

Shangming EX-HN is not an important Extra point. Its main function is to benefit the eyes.