Yuyao EX-HN-4

Chinese: 鱼腰

Pinyin: Yú Yāo


When the patient looks straight forward, Yuyao EX-HN-4 is located directly above the pupil, in the midline of the eyebrow. 

How to locate

Ask the patient to look straight forward and palpate the eyebrow directly above the pupil, superior to the supraorbital ridge

Locate Yuyao EX-HN-4 in a small depression on the superciliary arch

Shangming EX-HN is below Yuyao EX-HN-4, between the upper ridge of the orbit and the eyeball.

Main actions

  1. Benefits the eyes
  2. Relaxes the sinews and reduces pain


0.3–0.5 cun vertically or obliquely towards the eye.

Commentary for Yuyao EX-HN-4

Yuyao EX-HN-4 is mostly used to treat supraorbital pain as well as diseases of the eyes and eyelids. 

It is often stimulated by through-needling from neighboring points such as Yangbai GB-14 or Zanzhu BL-2