Anmian EX-HN

Chinese: 安眠



Posterior to the ear and to the mastoid process, between Yifeng TB-17 and Fengchi GB-20

How to locate

First locate Yifeng TB-17 below the earlobe and Fengchi GB-20 at the junction of the occiput and the neck in the center of the dorsolateral depression. 

Anmian EX-HN is midway between thee two points. 

Main actions

Calms the Mind


0.5–1 cun vertically or obliquely towards YifengTB-17 or Fengchi GB-20. 

Commentary for Anmian EX-HN

Just as its name indicates, Anmian EX-HN is an important point for insomnia. Its location is close to Wangu GB-12, which is also indicated for sleeping disorders as well as other emotional issues such as anxiety or restlessness.