Jingming BL-1

Chinese: 睛明

Pinyin: Jīng Míng


0.1 cun superior and medial to the inner canthus. 

How to locate

The patient should close the eye for the point's location. 

Jingming BL-1 is located in a small depression near the inner canthus of the eye, superior to the insertion of the upper eyelid. It is also bordered by the bony root of the nose. 

Zanzhu BL-2 is directly above BL-1 in a depression at the medial end of the eyebrow.

Main actions

  1. Expels Wind
  2. Clears Heat
  3. Benefits the eyes


0.3–0.5 cun obliquely from lateral to medial or transversely in the direction of the disorder.

Caution: Branches of the frontal nerve, facial nerve, blood vessels! 

Commentary for Jingming BL-1

Jingming BL-1 is a very important and dynamic local point for various eye disorders, just as its name (Bright Eye) indicates. In fact, it is able to treat any eye diseases regardless being Exterior or Interior causes. 

First of all, it expels Exterior Wind from the eyes. Typical manifestations include lacrimation on exposure to wind, aversion to cold, fever or headache.  

It also clears Heat from the eyes as it is the meeting point of all Yang Channels apart from the Large Intestine one. Typical symptoms include redness, swelling and pain of the eyes as well as redness and itching of the inner corner of the eyes. 

On the other hand, it treats eye disorders due to Interior disharmony as well. For example, when there is insufficient clear Yang rising to the eyes, the patients suffer from symptoms such as blurred vision, diminished night vision and myopia.