'Yang' as a body pattern in Chinese Medicine

'Yang' as a body pattern in Chinese Medicine

Chinese: 阳      Pinyin: Yáng

Summary: The categories of Yin and Yang within the Eight Principles are mostly a summarization of the other six since Interior, Deficiency and Cold are Yin and Exterior, Excess and Heat are Yang in nature. That being said, in the specific cases of Yin or Yang Deficiency as well as Collapse of Yin or Yang (a very serious and often fatal condition) they also have their own independent patterns.

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Exterior, Excess and Heat are classified as Yang in nature so in the context of the Eight Principles any pattern that is located in the Exterior, is an Excess or is Hot will be Yang in Nature. As such Yin and Yang are general terms that can be used to describe most pathological conditions. 

That being said Yang also has some conditions of its own, specifically Yang Deficiency and Yang Collapse.

Yang Deficiency / Empty Yang

The main characteristic of Yang Deficiency as a condition is the lack of Heat and activity to perform adequate functions in the body.

The resulting symptoms are: a pale face, a weak voice, slight sweating during daytime, slight shortness of breath, tiredness, lack of appetite, chilliness, a bright pale face, cold limbs, no thirst, a desire for hot drinks, loose stools, frequent pale urination, a Weak pulse and a Pale and wet tongue.

Qi is part of Yang, and Qi Deficiency is similar in nature to Yang Deficiency . In fact, the two are almost the same. The only difference is that in Qi Deficiency, the Qi function of transformation is mostly at fault, while in Yang Deficiency, it is the Qi function of warming and protecting that is impaired.

The Organs which most commonly suffer from Yang Deficiency are the Spleen, Kidneys, Lungs, Heart and Stomach.

Yang Collapse

Collapse of Yang indicates an extremely severe and sudden state of Deficiency. It also implies a complete separation of Yin and Yang from each other. Collapse of Yang is often a fatal condition.

The main symptoms are chilliness, cold limbs, weak breathing, profuse sweating with an oily sweat, no thirst, frequent profuse urination or incontinence, loose stools or incontinence, a Minute-Deep pulse and a Pale-Wet-Swollen-Short tongue.