Penetrating Vessel



Pathway for Penetrating Vessel

Penetrating vessel is one of the most complicated channels as it has five branches. They run up to the eyes and head, down to the feet, back to the lumbar spine and front to the abdomen. It also goes interiorly to the various Yin and Yang Organs as well as externally to the skin and muscles. It is the most 'penetrating' Channel of the whole body. Due to its wide connectivity and functions, it is also regarded as the 'Sea of the blood', 'Sea of the 12 Channels' and 'Sea of the five Yin and Yang Organs'. 

The internal branch: 

  • This is an internal branch originating from the space between the Kidneys, like the other two Extraordinary Vessels, Directing and Governing Vessels. 
  • It then runs through the Uterus and emerges at Huiyin REN-1 at the perineum. 

The abdominal branch: 

  • This is the only external one out of the five branches. It emerges at Qichong ST-30 and connects to the Kidney Channel at Henggu KID-11
  • In fact all Penetrating Vessel's points are actually Kidney Channel points on the abdomen from Henggu KID-11 to Youmen KID-21. Some books say it even ascends all the way to Shufu KID-27
  • The vessel continues ascending internally and disperses in the chest and breasts. 

The head branch: 

  • This is an internal branch ascending from the chest, going through the throat and chin, curving around the lips and terminating below the eyes. 

The spinal branch: 

  • This is also an internal branch starting from Huiyin REN-1. It then ascends inside the spine all the way to the neck vertebra. 

The descending branch: 

  • This is also an internal branch originating from the Qichong ST-30 of the pelvic region. 
  • It then descends along the anterior thigh and the lower leg to the internal malleolus. From there, it splits into two subbranches, one runs to the foot sole alongside the Kidney Channel. While the other subbranch flows to the foot dorsum between the 1st and 2nd toes.