Erheliao TB-22

Chinese: 耳和髎

Pinyin: Ěr Hé Liáo


Anterior and superior to Ermen TB-21, level with the root of the auricle, on the posterior border of the hairline of the temple where the superficial temporal artery passes. 

How to locate

First locate the upper border of the root of the ear. From there, locate Erheliao TB-22, 0.5 cun towards the direction of the eye. 

Erheliao TB-22 is located above the zygomatic arch, while Ermen TB-21 is below the zygomatic arch. 

Main actions

Expels Wind and eases pain


Transversely 0.5 cun.

Caution: Superficial temporal artery.

Commentary for Erheliao TB-22

Erheliao TB-22 is not a major points of the Triple Burner Channel

Its main action is to expel Wind so as to ease pain.