Yin Stepping Vessel

Chinese: 阴跷脉

Pinyin: Yīn Qiāo Mài

Pathway for Yin Stepping Vessel

  • Yin Stepping Vessel originates from the medial side of the heel. It then runs to Rangu KID-2, anterior and inferior to the medial malleolus, in the depression on the lower border of the navicular bone. 
  • It then ascends to Zhaohai KID-6 and Jiaoxin KID-8 around the medial side of the malleolus. 
  • Afterwards, it rises all the way to Quepen ST-12 in the supraclavicular fossa of the shoulder, passing the medial lower leg and thigh, genitals, abdomen as well as chest on the way. 
  • It continues ascending to Renying ST-9 on the throat and terminates at Jingming BL-1 which is 0.1 cun superior to the inner canthus.