Qingling HE-2

Chinese: 青灵

Pinyin: Qīng Líng


3 cun above the medial end of the transverse cubital crease, in the depression medial to the biceps brachii muscle. 

How to locate

With the elbow flexed, measure 3 cun from the ulner end of the cubital crease towards the axilla. Qingling HE-2 is in a depression on the medial border of the biceps brachii muscle. 

Main actions

Opens the channel


0.5–1 cun vertically or obliquely. 

Caution: Brachial artery! According to classic texts, needling is contraindicated, only moxibustion is permitted.

Commentary for Qingling HE-2

Qingling HE-2 is mostly used to open the Channel so as to ease pain. Therefore, it is able to treat arm, shoulder or axilla pain and stiffness.