Heding EX-LE-2

Chinese: 鹤顶

Pinyin: Hè Dǐng


In the center of the upper border of the patella

How to locate

It is better to flex slightly the knee for better location. 

Heding EX-LE-2 is located at midpoint of the upper border of the patella

Main actions

Promote Qi and Blood circulation in the knee


Vertically 0.5–0.8 cun. 

Commentary for Heding EX-LE-2

Heding EX-LE-2 is an important supporting points in treating knee disorders by promoting local Qi and Blood circulation

For this purpose, it is often used together with Xiyan EX-LE-5, Xuehai SP-10, Liangqiu ST-34, Yanglingquan GB-34 and Yinlingquan SP-9