Yinlingquan SP-9

Chinese: 阴陵泉

Pinyin: Yīn Líng Quán


On the lower border of the medial condyle of the tibia, in the depression between the posterior border of the tibia and gastrocnemius muscle. 

How to locate

Locate Yinlingquan SP-9 by palpating along the posterior border of the medial crest of the tibia towards the head of the tibia. 

SP-9 is in a depression at the junction of the shaft and the head of the tibia, between the pes anserinus superficialis and the belly of the gastrocnemius muscle. This point is normally sensitive when pressed. 

Main actions

  1. Regulates the Spleen
  2. Resolves Dampness
  3. Opens the Water Passages and benefits urination


1–1.5 cun vertically, along the posterior border of the tibia.

It is better to bent the knee and rotate the hip slightly for location and needling. 

Commentary for Yinlingquan SP-9

Yinglingquan SP-9 is one of the major point for resolving Dampness from the Lower Burner, regardless being Damp-Cold or Damp-Heat. Typical symptoms include difficult urination,
retention of urine, painful urination, cloudy urine, vaginal discharge, diarrhoea with foul-smelling stools, mucus in the stools and edema of the legs or abdomen. Of course, Reduce Needling Method should be applied for this Excess case. 

On the other hand, SP-9 is also able to open the Channel so at to treat the Painful Obstruction Syndrome, especially on knees and and legs.