Shenque REN-8

Chinese: 神阙

Pinyin: Shén Quē


In the center of the umbilicus.

How to locate

In the center of the umbilicus.

Main actions

  1. Warms and rescues the Yang
  2. Strengthens the Spleen
  3. Tonifies Original Qi


Needling is contraindicated. Only direct moxibustion (with salt, ginger, moxa pole or box) is allowed at this point. 

Commentary for Shenque REN-8

Thanks to its very strong Yang tonifying effect, Shenque REN-8 is used to warm and rescue Yang to help regain consciousness in case of Yang Collapsing in the acute stage of Wind-stroke. 

It can treat Spleen Yang Deficiency so as to treat symptoms like diarrhoea, cold in the abdomen, borborygmi or rectum prolapse. 

In case of severe Kidney Yang Deficiency, it tonifies Original Qi so as to expel internal Cold and ease extreme weakness. 

Finally, it is worth exploring the meaning of the name 'Shenque' as it shows the point's functions and characters.

The 'Great Dictionary of Chinese Acupuncture’ comments on this point: Shenque Ren-8 is the abode of the Spirit (Shen 神). Above it there is Heaven (Shuifen REN-9 and Xiawan REN-10), Below it there is Earth (Guanyuan REN-4 and Zhongji REN-3), In the middle there is Person (REN-8 itself).  On both sides there is Qixue KI-13 and Huangshu KI-16, which are like guarding watchtowers. 

The umbilicus is in the center like an opening of a door through which the Spirit communicates with the Pre-Heaven Essence. When mother and father unite, a fetus is formed, the umbilical cord is formed linking the fetus to the mother’s Gate of Life (Ming Men 命门) like a lotus stem. The Pre-Heaven Essence generates Water and the Kidneys: like an unopened lotus flower, the five Elements come into being and the mother’s Qi is transferred. In 10 months to the fetus is fully formed, the Spirit infuses through the center of the umbilicus and forms a new human being.