Shuifen REN-9

Chinese: 水分

Pinyin: Shuǐ Fèn


On the midline of the abdomen, 1 cun above the umbilicus. 

How to locate

On the midline of the abdomen, divide the distance between the umbilicus and the sternocostal angle into 8 cun. Shuifen REN-9 is located 1 cun above umbilicus. 

Main actions

  1. Opens water passages and treats Oedema
  2. Harmonies the Intestines



Vertically 0.5-1 cun. 

Caution: be careful with Peritoneum. Take great care during pregnancy. 

Commentary for Shuifen REN-9

The name 'Water Separation' clearly indicates its functions of separating clear Water from the turbid. This happens in the Small Intestine and the separated Water get distributed to the Bladder and Large Intestine, respectively. 

In fact, Shuifen REN-9 is one of the most important points for treating any sorts of Water pathology, regardless being Dampness, Phlegm or Oedema. It is because it stimulates Body Fluids transportation, transformation and excretion in all body parts. 

It is often applied together with Jianli REN-11 and Guanmen ST-22