Neiting ST-44

Chinese: 内庭

Pinyin: Nèi Tíng


Between the 2nd and the 3rd toes, proximal to the interdigital fold.

How to locate

Locate Neiting ST-44 just proximal to the interdigital fold between the 2nd and the 3rd toes.

Main actions

  1. Clears Heat from the Stomach Channel and eases pain
  2. Regulates the Intestines and resolves Damp-Heat
  3. Expels Wind from the face
  4. Calms the Mind


0.5–1 cun vertically or obliquely in a proximal direction

Commentary for Neiting ST-44

Neiting ST-44 is a very important point with various functions. 

Its most important action is to clear Heat from the Stomach Channel. characterized by fever, feeling of heat and thirst, jaw pain. It expels Exterior-Heat at the Bright Yang Stage of the Six Stage Theory or the Qi Level of the Four Levels Theory

Furthermore, it regulates the Intestines and resolves Damp-Heat. Typical manifestations include abdominal distension and pain, borborygmi, diarrhoea, blood in stools and constipation.

It is also able to expels Wind from the face, with symptoms such as eye pain, toothache, face pain as well as deviation of eye and mouth.

Finally, it calms the Mind by opening the Mind's orifices. The patients tend to dislike the sound of people talking and prefer silence.