Jiache ST-6

Chinese: 颊车

Pinyin: Jiá Chē


One finger-breadth anterior and superior to the lower angle of the mandible where masseter muscle attaches at the prominence of the muscle when the teeth are clenched. 

How to locate

Clench the teeth so that the muscle belly of the masseter muscle bulges.

Jiache ST-6 is anterior and superior to the angle of the mandibular jaw on the prominence. 

The palpating finger naturally falls into the right depression when the muscle is relaxed during the chewing movements of the jaw. 

Main actions

Expels Wind


It is recommended to open the mouth slightly during needling.

Vertically 0.3–0.5 cun or obliquely or transversely 1–1.5 cun towards Dicang ST-4, Daying ST-5 or Xiaguan ST-7

Commentary for Jiache ST-6

Jiache ST-6 is an important point for expels both Interior and Exterior Wind

In fact, it is always used, together with Hegu LI-4, to treat facial paralysis due to Exterior Wind invading the face or Interior Wind agitating following a Wind-stroke. 

It is also used to treat mumps and spasm on the masseter muscle or lower jaw issues such as toothache.