Fenglong ST-40

Chinese: 丰隆

Pinyin: Fēng Lóng


Midway between Dubi ST-35 and Jiexi ST-41, two middle finger-width from the anterior crest of the tibia, or one middle finger-width from Tiaokou ST-38. 

How to locate

First locate Dubi ST-35 in the depression below the patella and lateral to the patellar ligament. 

Then locate Jiexi ST-41 in the depression between the tendons of the extensor digitorum longus and the hallucis longus, level with tip of the lateral malleolus. 

Draw an imaginary line between these two points and locate Fenglong ST-40 in the midway and two middle finger-width lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia. 

ST-40 is at the same level as Tiaokou ST-38, but one finger-width lateral to it. 

Commentary for Fenglong ST-40

Fenglong ST-40 is a very important point of the Stomach Channel

Most importantly, it resolves Phlegm and Dampness in all parts of the body and in all types of forms. First, it removes substantial Phlegm in the form of abundant chest expectoration or in the form of lumps. It can be lumps under the skin, thyroid lumps, Uterus lumps, lipomas, goitre,  fibroids or etc. 

Secondly, ST-40 is able to resolve non-substantial Phlegm, including the one that causes headache, dizziness or feeling of heaviness as well as the one that mist the Heart and blocked the Mind's orifices. In the latter case, the patient suffers from mental disorders such as depression, inappropriate laughter or elation, streaking, restlessness, anxiety, phobias and hallucinations of 'Ghost'. 

Please be aware that Rebellious Stomach or Lung Qi can also cause some of the above mental issues (eg: anxiety, phobias). Fenglong ST-40 tackles these two mental related patterns at the same time.

Other symptoms of Rebellious Qi include epigastrium or chest fullness and stiffness as well as the feeling of knot in the Stomach. In this case, it is often applied together with Neiguan P-6

Finally, it opens the chest by removing Phlegm there. As a result, it is widely used to treat asthma and short of breath.