Xiabai LU-4

Chinese: 侠白

Pinyin: Xiá Bái


On the medial aspect of the upper arm, 1 cun below Tianfu LU-3, on the radial side of biceps brachii muscle. 

How to locate

Divide the distance between the axillary fold and the cubital crease of the elbow into equal third. Locate Tianfu LU-3 at the junction of the upper and middle third. Xiabai LU-4 is 1 cun below. 

Main actions

  1. Descends Lung Qi
  2. Regulates Qi and Blood in the chest
  3. Opens the Channels and eases pain


Vertically 0.5-1 cun

Commentary for Xiabai LU-4

The functions of Xiabai LU-4 is quite similar to the ones of Tianfu LU-3. Regulating the Qi ascending and descending is the main one, but LU-3 is used more often. 

However, LU-4 can be applied in additional to LU-3 to enhance the effect.