Tianfu LU-3

Chinese: 天府

Pinyin: Tiān Fǔ


On the medial aspect of the upper arm, 3 cun below the end of the axillary fold and 6 cun above Chize LU-5, in the depression on the lateral border of biceps muscle. 

How to locate

Divide the distance between the axillary fold and the cubital crease of the elbow (Chize LU-5) into equal third. Locate Tianfu LU-3 at the junction of the upper and middle third. 

Main actions

  1. Descends the Lung Qi and clears Lung Heat
  2. Regulates the ascending and descending of Qi
  3. Cools the Blood and stops bleeding
  4. Opens the orifices of the Mind and calms the Corporeal Soul (Po)


Vertically 0.5-1 cun. 

Commentary for Tianfu LU-3

Tianfu LU-3 is the Window of Heaven point of the Lung Channel, which means one of its main features are to regulate the Qi ascending and descending from the body to and from the head. 

When there is not sufficient Clear Qi (mainly the Lungs and Heart Qi) ascending to the head, the patient starts to loose memory and become sleepy during the day. On the other hand, when excessive amount of Qi goes to the head while not enough of it descending from the head, the patients suffers from insomnia.

This point is also used to treat other relatively serious mental emotional issues such as depression, psychoses or hallucinations. It is because it stimulates the Qi ascending and descending to and from the head, so as to open the Mind's orifices and calm the Corporeal Soul (Po). 

Goitre is another symptom of Rebellious Qi, because the neck is the crossroad of the Qi to the head. The Stagnant Qi accumulates and forms Phlegm in the neck. 

Finally, LU-3 is used to cool the Blood and stop bleeding (in the form of nose bleeding or coughing Blood). It is because the Rebellious Qi rises the Blood up.