Binao LI-14

Chinese: 臂臑

Pinyin: Bì Nào


On the radial side of the humerus, superior to the lower end of deltoid muscle, on the line connecting Quchi LI-11 and Jianyu LI-15, 7 cun proximal to Quchi LI-11. 


How to locate

First flex the elbow and the deltoid muscle against resistance, making the lateral border of the muscle belly more visible. 

Secondly identify the line connecting Quchi LI-11 at the lateral end of the elbow crease and Jianyu LI-15 in a depression anterior and inferior to the acromion. 

Locate Binao LI-14 on this line 7 cun proximal to Quchi LI-11, in a depression on the lower pointed insertion area of the deltoid. 

The patients can touch the location around this point when they moves their upper arm to towards the tip of their nose. 

Main actions

  1. Removes obstruction from the Channel
  2. Benefits the eyes
  3. Resolves Phlegm


0.5–1 cun vertically or obliquely towards the shoulder for eye disorders. 

Commentary for Binao LI-14

Binao LI-14 is not a major point of the Large Intestine Channel. However, it is still widely used to treat Painful Obstruction Syndrome on the upper arm, shoulder and neck. It opens the Channel by expelling Wind, Cold or Dampness

Another function of this point is to benefit the eyes by ease redness, swelling and pain there. In this case, the needle needs to be inserted obliquely towards the shoulder. 

Finally, it also resolves Phlegm so as to be indicated for nodules and goitre.