Suliao DU-25

Chinese: 素髎

Pinyin: Sù Liáo


In a depression on the tip of the nose. 

How to locate

The depression of the tip of the nose can be easily palpated. Locate Suliao DU-25 there. 

Main actions

Benefits the nose


0.2 cun vertically or transversely in a superior direction up to 1 cun.

Commentary for Suliao DU-25

Suliao DU-25 is mostly used to benefit nose, as it is able to treat symptoms such as runny or blocked nose, nose blood, alcoholic nose and etc. 

Some recent studies also claim that it is effective in reducing alcohol intoxication, because it increases the volume of alcohol present in the expired air by redirecting its elimination route to the Lungs from the Liver

Some other studies claim that it is able to restore consciousness, like the function of Renzhong DU-26