Renzhong DU-26

Chinese: 人中

Pinyin: Rén Zhōng


Below the nose, a little above the midpoint of the philtrum. 

How to locate

Locate the philtrum, which forms a distinct groove on the midline between the root of the nose and the margin of the upper lip. Locate Renzhong DU-26 slightly superior to the midpoint of the philtrum.

Main actions

  1. Restores consciousness
  2. Benefits the face and nose
  3. Expels Wind
  4. Benefits the lumbar spine
  5. Regulates water passage of the Upper Burner
  6. Calms the Mind


0.3–0.5 cun obliquely in a superior direction.

Caution: Needling this point may be painful.

Commentary for Renzhong DU-26

Renzhong DU-26 is most famous for its function of restoring consciousness.

Like many other Governing Vessel points located in the head, it is able to expel Interior Wind, so as to treat symptoms such as lockjaw, eye or mouth deviation or epilepsy. 

It can also calm the Mind by opening the Mind's orifices. Thus it treats manic depression. 

Like Shangxing DU-23, it benefits the nose by opening the nose passages. Thus it treats runny or bloody nose, lose of sense of small and etc. 

It also benefits the lumbar spine by removing the stiffness and pain there. 

Finally, it regulates the Water passage of the Upper Burner, thus it is able to remove Oedema from the face and hands.