Qubin GB-7 Acupuncture Point

Qubin GB-7

Chinese: 曲鬓

Pinyin: Qū Bìn


Within the hairline anterior and superior to the auricle, about 1 finger-breadth anterior to Jiaosun TB-20 on the apex of the ear. 

How to locate

Locate Qubin GB-7 at a small depression anterior to Jiaosun TB-20 on the apex of the ear at the circumauricular temporal hairline. 

Qubin GB-7 is located approximately at a junction between a horizontal line through the apex of the ear and a vertical line along the posterior border of the temple anterior to the ear. 


Main actions

  1. Expels Wind
  2. Benefits the mouth and jaw


0.3–1.5 cun transversely, tangentially along the skull, in the direction of the occiput, back of the head or towards the disorder or pain.

Commentary for Qubin GB-7

Qubin GB-7 is not a major point comparing with other Gall Bladder Channel

Its main function is to expel Wind in the head so as to benefit the mouth and jaw.