Naokong GB-19

Chinese: 脑空

Pinyin: Nǎo Kōng


Directly above Fengchi GB-20, level with Naohu DU-17, on the lateral side of the external occipital protuberance

How to locate

First locate Naohu DU-17 in a depression above the external occipital protuberance on the midline. 

Naokong GB-19 is 2.25 cun lateral to DU-17 at the same horizontal level. 

Main actions

  1. Subdues Liver Yang
  2. Clears Heat in Gall Bladder Channel


0.3–1.5 cun transversely towards the occiput or the site of the disorder/pain.

Commentary for Naokong GB-19

Like almost all Gall Bladder Channel points in the head, Naokong GB-19 subdues Liver Yang, characterized by headache and dizziness. On top of that, it has other functions such as clearing Heat in the head and Gall Bladder Channel. 

Similar to other neighboring Gall Bladder Channel points, GB-19 also benefits the sense orifices.

Finally, it calms the Mind by communicating directly with the Brain.