Muchuang GB-16 Acupuncture Point

Muchuang GB-16

Chinese: 目窗

Pinyin: Mù Chuāng


1.5 cun posterior to the Toulingqi GB-15, on the pupil line or 2.25 cun lateral to the midline. 

Located on the line connecting Toulingqi GB-15 and Fengchi GB-20

How to locate

With the patient looking straight ahead, Muchuang GB-16 is located on the pupil line and 1.5 cun superior to the anterior hairline. 

This pupil line is 2.5 cun lateral to the midline. 


Main actions

  1. Benefits the eyes
  2. Expels Wind


0.3–1.5 cun transversely towards the occiput or the site of the disorder or pain. 

Commentary for Muchuang GB-16

Muchuang GB-16 is not an important point and it is rarely used in modern clinical practice. 

Its main function is to benefit the eyes and can be used for any type of eye diseases.