Chengling GB-18

Chinese: 承灵

Pinyin: Chéng Líng


1.5 cun posterior to Zhengying GB-17 or 4 cun posterior to the anterior hairline.

Or 1 cun anterior and 2.25 cun lateral to Baihui DU-20, which is at the vertex of the head. 

How to locate

First locate Baihui DU-20 at the vertex as a reference point. Then locate Chengling GB-18 on the pupil line, 1 cun anterior and lateral to DU-20. 

Main actions

  1. Opens the Mind's Orifice
  2. Subdues Liver Yang
  3. Benefits the nose


0.3–1.5 cun transversely towards the occiput or the site of the disorder or pain.

Commentary for Chengling GB-18

Chengling GB-18 has a powerful effect on calming the Mind by opening its orifices. Typical manifestations are obsessive thoughts and pensiveness. 

Like almost all Gall Bladder Channel point on the head, it subdues Liver Yang Rising, characterized by headache and dizziness. 

Furthermore, it benefits the nose as well by descending the Rebellious Lung Qi