Benshen GB-13

Chinese: 本神

Pinyin: Běn Shén


0.5 cun within the hairline of the forehead, at the junction of the medial two-third and lateral third of the distance from Shenting DU-24 to Touwei ST-8

How to locate

First locate Shenting DU-24 on the midline and 0.5 cun inferior to the anterior hairline. 

Benshen GB-13 is located on the same level to the anterior hairline, but 3 cun lateral to the midline. 

Or: Draw an imaginary line between Shenting DU-24 and Touwei ST-8. Divide the line into three and locate Benshen GB-13 two third of the distance from DU-24.


Main actions

  1. Calms the Mind
  2. Gathers the Essence to the Brain
  3. Subdues Liver Yang Rising
  4. Expels Wind
  5. Resolves Phlegm


0.5–0.8 cun transversely towards the occiput.

Commentary for Benshen GB-13

Benshen GB-13 is a major point indicated for mental and emotional disorders, especially for these have unreasonable jealousy or suspicion feeling. 

It has a powerful calming effect on anxiety, worry or fear. The result can be strengthened if combined with Shenting DU-24

Its name 'Root of the Mind' indicates its function of 'gathering the Essence to the Brain', which is the root of a clear Mind and healthy emotion. The Kidney Essence is the root of Pre-Heaven Qi and the source of Marrow that fills the Brain. This point can be stimulated to connect the Kidney Essence to the Mind. It is often used to treat depression. 

On the other hand, it is able to subdues Liver Yang Rising, characterized by chronic headaches or dizziness. Liver Yang may also trigger Interior Wind and cause other symptoms such as Wind-stroke, epilepsy, hemiplegia and convulsions. 

Finally it resolves Phlegm that blocks the Mind's orifices