Neiyingxiang EX-HN-9

Chinese: 内迎香

Pinyin: Nèi Yíng Xiāng


Inside the nasal cavity, at the junction of the nasal bone and the nasal cartilage

How to locate

First find Shangyingxiang EX-HN-8 which is at the upper end of the nasolabial groove. Neiyingxiang EX-HN-9 is inside the nasal cavity, opposite of the external point of EX-HN-8. 

Main actions

Clear Heat or Fire


Needling might be painful. 

It is recommended to prick to bleed with a needle, lancer or three-edged needle. 

Caution: Contraindicated in patients with bleeding disorders. 

Commentary for Neiyingxiang EX-HN-9

Neiyingxiang EX-HN-9 is not a major point. Its main function is to clear Heat and drain Fire