Shangyingxiang EX-HN-8

Chinese: 上迎香

Pinyin: Shàng Yíng Xiāng


At the upper end of the nasiolabial groove, at the junction of the maxilla and the nasal cavity

How to locate

Recommend the patient to smile, so as to reveal the nasiolabial groove

Palpate the bony margin of the nasal cavity and locate Shangyingxiang EX-HN-8 at the upper end of the nasiolabial groove

Main actions

Benefits the nose


0.3–0.5 cun vertically towards the centre of the nasal cavity

Commentary for Shangyingxiang EX-HN-8

Shangyingxiang EX-HN-8 is also called Bitong. It is widely used for various nose related symptoms. 

The effect get stronger if it is through-needled from Yingxiang LI-20