Xuanji REN-21

Chinese: 璇玑

Pinyin: Xuán Jī


On the midline of the sternum, below the upper border of the manubrium sterni and midway between Huagai REN-20 and Tiantu REN-22.

How to locate

Locate Xuanji REN-21 on the midline of the sternum, inferior to the bony margin of the manubrium sterni. 

Main actions

  1. Opens the chest and descends Lung Qi
  2. Descends Stomach Qi and removes Food Stagnation
  3. Benefits the throat


0.5 cun transversely in a superior or inferior direction. 

Caution: only transverse needling is recommended in order not to injure the mediastinum or the pleura, especially for patients with a sternal foramen. 

Commentary for Xuanji REN-21

Like other Directing Vessel points located in the chest midline, Xuanji REN-21 can open chest and descends Rebellious Lung Qi, so as to treat symptoms like wheezing, coughing, dyspnoea with inability to speak as well as chest and lateral costal region pain and fullness. It can also remove painful obstruction in the throat with rattling sound. 

In additional to that, REN-21 can be stimulated to descend Rebellious Stomach Qi, in order to ease indigestion and Food Stagnation. For this purpose, it is often used together with Zusanli ST-36