Tiantu REN-22

Chinese: 天突

Pinyin: Tiān Tū


In the centre of the suprasternal fossa. 0.5 cun superior to the sternum. 

How to locate

Locate Tiantu REN-22 in the centre of the suprasternal fossa, about 0.5 cun superior to the sternum. The patients are recommended to lie on their back with a pillow under the shoulders or sit with a comfortable and safe head support. 

Main actions

  1. Descends Lung Qi
  2. Benefits the throat and voice
  3. Resolves Phlegm


Initial vertical insertion 0.2 cun in order to penetrate the skin, then direct the tip of the needle inferiorly and continue to insert the needle parallel to the posterior aspect of the sternum up to 0.5–1 cun.

Caution: Dangerous point and should only be needled by experienced practitioners. Wrong insertion technique (for example, vertical or oblique retrosternal needling) may injure the big Vessels and Organs inside the mediastinum. 

Commentary for Tiantu REN-22

Tiantu REN-22 is often used to treat both chronic and acute cough and asthma due to its ability to descend Rebellious Lung Qi

It can also expel Phlegm from the throat and Lungs. Therefore, it can be applied in acute bronchitis with profuse sputum or chronic retention of Phlegm in the throat. 

It is also widely used to treat various throat and voice related symptoms such as throat dryness, swelling and ulcers as well as loss of voice.