Xiaochangshu BL-27

Chinese: 小肠俞

Pinyin: Xiǎo Cháng Shū


At the level of the 1st posterior sacral foramen, 1.5 cun lateral to the posterior midline. 

How to locate

First locate the posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS). From the rima ani, palpate 3 cun (1 handbreadth) in a superior and lateral direction at a 45° angle, until feel a distinct bony ridge, which is often superficially visible by a dimple. 

Xiaochangshu BL-27 is located slightly superiorly and medially to the PSIS, 1.5 cun lateral to the posterior midline, on the level of the first sacral foramen. 

Points located between Fufen BL-41 and Zhibian BL-54 are in the lateral branch of the Bladder Channel, while these between Fengmen BL-12 and Baihuanshu BL-30 are in the medial branch.

Main actions

  1. Strengthens the Small Intestine function
  2. Resolves Dampness and benefits urination


Vertically 0.5–1 cun. 

Commentary for Xiaochangshu BL-27

As the Back Transporting-Shu point of the Small Intestine, Xiaochangshu BL-27 is indicated for any Small Intestine related disorders. 

Most importantly, it promotes the Small Intestine's function of receiving ripened foods and drinks from the Stomach and separating them to 'clean' and 'dirty' parts. The clean part is sent to the Bladder for excretion, while the dirty part goes to the Large Intestine to be absorbed again and eventually gets excreted through stools. 

Patients with impaired Small Intestine function suffer from typical symptoms such as diarrhoea, blood and mucus in the stools, constipation, difficult bowel evacuation or abdominal pain.

Since the Small Intestine and Bladder Channels belong to the Greater Yang, these two Organs are closely linked. Therefore, Xiaochangshu BL-27 resolves Dampness from the Lower Burner and benefits urination. Typical symptoms include cloudy and dark urine, difficult and burning urination as well as retention of urine.