Weiyang BL-39

Chinese: 委阳

Pinyin: Wěi Yáng


At the lateral end of the popliteal crease, on the medial border of the tendon of biceps femoris muscle, 1 cun lateral to Weizhong BL-40 which is the midpoint of the popliteal crease. 

It is also 1 cun below Fuxi BL-38

How to locate

First flex the knee slightly in order to reveal the popliteal crease. 

Then identify Weizhong BL-40 in the middle of the popliteal crease. Weiyang BL-39 is about 1 cun lateral to BL-40, in a depression medial to the tendon of the long head of the beceps femoris muscle. 

Main actions

  1. Removes obstructions from the Channel
  2. Controls the Water Passage in the Lower Burner and benefits urination


Vertically 0.5–1.5 cun.

Caution: N. fibularis communis. 

Commentary for Weiyang BL-39

Weiyang BL-39 is a major point in resolving Dampness or Oedema in the Lower Burner, by stimulating the Body Fluids transformation and excretion from the Bladder. It controls the opening and closing of the water passages.

When the Lower Burner is in Excess patterns such as blocked water passages, Reducing Needling method should be applied to remove the obstructions. Typical manifestations include urinary retention, burning on urination, difficult urination or the ankles Oedema

On the other hand, When the Qi is Deficient in the Lower Burner, the Water Passage is in a relax state and the Body Fluids failed to be hold, resulting symptoms such as urine incontinence or enuresis. In this case, Tonifying Needling method should be applied to strengthen Qi and tighten the Water passages. 

Furthermore, like its neighboring Bladder points, it also removes obstructions from the Channel, characterized by pain and stiffness in the lumber, abdomen, leg and foot.