Finger Swellingaccording to TCM

Symptom family: Finger and Nail Issues

What is Finger Swelling?

Finger swelling is a common condition characterized by an increase in the size or a bloated appearance of one or more fingers. This symptom can range from mild to severe, often accompanied by a feeling of tightness or limited movement in the affected area. Swollen fingers can result from various factors, including injury, inflammation, fluid retention, or underlying health conditions. The swelling might be accompanied by other symptoms such as pain, redness, or stiffness, depending on the cause.

How Does TCM View Finger Swelling?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches finger swelling as a sign of imbalance within the body's energy systems. TCM practitioners believe that finger swelling can result from disruptions in the flow of Qi (vital energy) and Blood in the body's meridians or energy pathways.

These disruptions can be caused by external factors like environmental influences or internal factors such as emotional stress, dietary habits, or organ dysfunction. TCM identifies various patterns of disharmony, each requiring specific therapeutic approaches. The treatment in TCM focuses not just on alleviating the symptom but on addressing the root cause of the imbalance.

Acupoints for Finger Swelling

In TCM, acupoints play a vital role in treating finger swelling. These points are specific locations on the body where Qi and blood can be influenced to restore balance and health. For finger swelling, TCM practitioners often utilize points such as Baxie (EX-UE-9), a group of eight points located proximal to the webs between the fingers. These points are effective for clearing heat and reducing swelling, as well as relaxing the sinews, thereby addressing the underlying issues causing the swelling.

Another important point is Sanjian (LI-3) on the Large Intestine Channel, which is located on the radial side of the index finger. This point is particularly useful for removing channel stagnation and expelling Exterior Wind, further contributing to the reduction of swelling and improvement of finger mobility.

These acupoints are part of a comprehensive treatment plan in TCM, which may also include herbal remedies, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes to effectively manage and treat finger swelling. A TCM practitioner would determine the most suitable points and treatment methods based on the individual's specific pattern of disharmony and overall health condition.

Explore below some acupoints used to address finger swelling, organized by meridian.

  • By Meridian
  • Extra Points: Upper Extremities (EX-UE)
  • Large Intestine Channel
Baxie EX-UE-9

Baxie EX-UE-9

This is a group of 8 points in both hand, 4 points per each hand. Slightly proximal to the margins of the webs between the fingers, on the border of the red and white skin.

Sanjian LI-3

Sanjian LI-3

Located on the radial side of the index finger, in the depression proximal to the head of the 2nd metacarpal bone.