Baxie EX-UE-9

Chinese: 八邪

Pinyin: Bā Xié


This is a group of 8 points in both hand, 4 points per each hand. 

Slightly proximal to the margins of the webs between the fingers, on the border of the red and white skin.

How to locate

The patients are recommended to make a loose fist to reveal the webs between the fingers and locate Baxie EX-UE-9 there. 

Main actions

  1. Clears Heat and reduces swelling
  2. Relaxes the sinews


Up to 1 cun parallel to the metacarpal bones.

Commentary for Baxie EX-UE-9

These points are widely used for treating Painful Obstruction Syndrome of the hand and fingers due to Wind-Damp invasion. They relax the sinews and reduce numbness, stiffness, redness, swelling, spasm and pain on the fingers and surrounding areas. 

For disorders of the ring, middle and index fingers, the points either side of the finger are generally needled.

For disorders of the little finger, the point between the little and ring fingers is needled in combination with points such as Qiangu SI-2 and Houxi SI-3.

For disorders of the thumb, the point between the thumb and index finger is needled in combination with points such as Lieque LU-7 and Yuji LU-10.