Chronic Pyelonephritisaccording to TCM

Symptom family: Kidney and Nephritic Disorders

Parent symptom: Chronic Nephritis

Did you mean? Chronic Nephritis

What is Chronic Pyelonephritis?

Chronic pyelonephritis is a long-standing infection and inflammation of the kidneys, primarily affecting the renal pelvis and the surrounding tissues. This condition typically results from recurring urinary tract infections, leading to persistent kidney damage.

Symptoms may include persistent lower back pain, fever, and urinary issues. Over time, chronic pyelonephritis can lead to scarring and impaired kidney function, raising the risk of chronic kidney disease. It requires careful management to prevent progression and preserve renal health.

How does TCM view Chronic Pyelonephritis?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chronic pyelonephritis is perceived as a complex result of imbalances in the body's fundamental energies. TCM suggests that this condition stems from disharmonies in Yin, Yang, Blood and Qi (vital energy), affecting the Kidneys and related organs.

The symptoms of chronic pyelonephritis are seen as manifestations of these deeper imbalances. TCM emphasizes identifying the specific pattern of disharmony, which is crucial for determining an effective treatment strategy, thus diverging from the more symptom-focused approach of Western medicine.

Causes of Chronic Pyelonephritis According to TCM

In TCM, chronic pyelonephritis is often linked to specific patterns of disharmony within the body. One primary cause is the Deficiency of Yin and Yang, leading to an imbalance that can manifest as kidney dysfunction. This Deficiency might be accompanied by a disruption in the body's fluid metabolism, contributing to urinary issues and inflammation.

Another common cause in TCM is Empty Heat from Yin Deficiency, where an internal Heat imbalance leads to symptoms like fever and back pain. Addressing these root causes is essential in TCM's approach to treating chronic pyelonephritis, focusing on restoring the natural harmony of the body's energies.

TCM Herbal Formulas for Chronic Pyelonephritis

To treat chronic pyelonephritis, TCM employs a variety of formulas and herbs tailored to the specific disharmonies identified in each patient. Formulas that tonify Yin and Yang, such as Er Xian Tang, are commonly used to balance these fundamental forces in the body.

Additionally, formulas like Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang and Wan Dai Tang are prescribed to address Empty Heat from Yin Deficiency and secure the body's natural processes, respectively.

These TCM treatments are indicative of a holistic approach, aiming not just to alleviate the symptoms but to address the underlying imbalances, promoting overall Kidney health and restoring the body's natural balance.

Explore below some TCM herbal formulas used to address chronic pyelonephritis, organized by formula type.

  • By Formula Type
  • Formulas that tonify yin and yang
  • Formulas that clear heat from deficiency
  • Formulas that secure irregular uterine bleeding and stop vaginal discharge

TCM Herbs for Chronic Pyelonephritis

Explore below some TCM herbs used to address chronic pyelonephritis, organized by herb category.

  • By Herb Category
  • Tonic herbs for yang deficiency
  • Tonic herbs for qi deficiency
  • Tonic herbs for yin deficiency
  • Herbs that clear heat and purge fire and/or clear summer heat

"Tonic herbs for Yang Deficiency" recommended for chronic pyelonephritis

Herb Formulas they belong to (if applicable)
Curculigo Rhizomes (Xian Mao) Er Xian Tang
Epimedium Herbs (Yin Yang Huo) Er Xian Tang

"Tonic herbs for Qi Deficiency" recommended for chronic pyelonephritis

Herb Formulas they belong to (if applicable)
Atractylodes Rhizomes (Bai Zhu) Wan Dai Tang
Yam (Shan Yao) Wan Dai Tang