Acute Nephritisaccording to TCM

Symptom family: Kidney and Nephritic Disorders

Parent symptom: Nephritis

What is Acute Nephritis?

Acute nephritis is a rapid-onset inflammation of the kidneys, often arising as a response to infections or autoimmune reactions. This condition disrupts the kidneys' critical functions, such as filtering waste and regulating fluid balance.

Symptoms typically include blood in the urine, swelling, and increased blood pressure. Immediate medical intervention is crucial in acute nephritis to prevent progressive kidney damage and ensure the maintenance of vital bodily functions.

How does TCM view Acute Nephritis?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views acute nephritis as a result of systemic imbalances, particularly involving 'Internal Wind' and disharmonies in the Liver and Kidney systems.

This perspective emphasizes restoring balance within the body's energy system, Qi, and addressing the root causes of the condition through a holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of various organ systems.

Causes of Acute Nephritis According to TCM

In TCM, the causes of acute nephritis are associated with specific internal disharmonies. A key pattern often linked to this condition is the disturbance of 'Internal Wind,' which can affect the body's stability and lead to symptoms of inflammation in the Kidneys.

This pattern is closely related to imbalances in the Liver and Kidney systems, where an unsettled 'Wind' can disrupt the normal functioning of these organs. Such a disturbance often results from an imbalance in the body's natural energy flow, and TCM aims to address these root causes through its holistic treatment approach.

TCM Herbal Formulas for Acute Nephritis

In addressing acute nephritis, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) advocates for formulas that specifically pacify and extinguish 'Internal Wind'. A prime example is Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang, which incorporates Achyranthes Roots (Niu Xi).

This formula falls within the category of herbs that invigorate the Blood, crucial for treating conditions affecting the Kidney and Liver. Achyranthes Roots, known for their bitter, sour, and neutral properties, play a key role in this formula, targeting the vital organs to restore balance and alleviate the symptoms associated with acute nephritis. This TCM approach underlines the importance of treating the underlying disharmonies in the body's energy system to effectively manage and heal acute nephritis.

See more details below about Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang, a herbal formula used to address acute nephritis.

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TCM Herbs for Acute Nephritis

Explore below some TCM herbs used to address acute nephritis, organized by herb category.

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"Herbs that invigorate the Blood" recommended for acute nephritis

Herb Formulas they belong to (if applicable)
Achyranthes Roots (Niu Xi) Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang
Motherwort Herbs (Yi Mu Cao) Not applicable