Rose's review of Unblock Nursing Tea

Unblock Nursing Tea



Posted 5 years ago by Rose

My only issue with this is that I did not discover this sooner! Nursing and pumping were easy for me straight after my little one's birth, however, when returning back to work I would constantly get plugged ducts during the week. Most of the time I would massage them out which is super painful. However, about two weeks ago I experienced the worst plugged duct of my breastfeeding life thus far. After a day and a half of pain I actively looked for a solution and purchased this tea. By day 3 the pain was gone, the plug was cleared, and now I drink it as soon as I have a hint plugged ducts might come back. This helps break up plugged ducts without the pain of having to massage the areas. I highly recommend this to any lactating woman. Also, by the way, it tastes very good!