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Helps alleviate clogged milk ducts, engorgement or uneven milk supply. Based on an ancestral recipe, this is the only such product on the market.

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My only issue with this is that I did not discover this sooner! Nursing and pumping were easy for me straight after my little one's birth, however, when returning back to work I would constantly get plugged ducts during the week. Most of the time I would massage them out which is super painful. However, about two weeks ago I experienced the worst plugged duct of my breastfeeding life thus far. After a day and a half of pain I actively looked for a solution and purchased this tea. By day 3 the pain was gone, the plug was cleared, and now I drink it as soon as I have a hint plugged ducts might come back. This helps break up plugged ducts without the pain of having to massage the areas. I highly recommend this to any lactating woman. Also, by the way, it tastes very good!

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After a bad case of mastitis that lasted over a month (which is immensely painful!), and out of ideas to solve the issue, a lactation consultant recommended I try this new product. I immediately gave it a try. After months of trying to massage it out by hand expression and bruising myself, after just 2 days of taking the tea - I saw results!!!! While it was small progress, it was progress. I kept at it during about 5 more days, drinking the recommended 3 tea bags a day, and the issue that had me scream in pain for so many weeks totally disappeared!!! As someone who has both an oversupply and chronic mastitis, I highly recommend this to all nursing moms!

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Mixed review. On the one hand I have to say that the tea succeeded in solving my plugged ducts issue. On the other hand I’m not sure what ingredient in the tea caused it but I had quite severe digestion issues after drinking it: diarrhea during a couple of days. So in a way I had to trade off my plugged ducts for diarrhea, not ideal… Still the diarrhea was gone after I stopped drinking the tea so now I have no issue which I guess is a good end to the story.

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I was a little skeptical when reading about this. Chinese medicine always has me suspicious. I still decided to give it a try because I had real bad clogged duct issues. I have to say that it works, no doubt about that. I've tried it on 3 different occasions now when I've had clogged ducts and it cleared the issue every time in 1 to 2 days, it's really effective. It tastes good too which is nice. The only slight criticism I might have is that I tend to have slight digestion issues when I take it, my stools get much looser than usual. No big deal for me given how well it works, loose stools are a cheap price to pay for this :-)

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It must be my body type, I always get plugs. I’ve done everything that could help: supplement with vitamin C, lecithin, breastfeed/pump every 3 hours and I still got mastitis. I was desperate for relief and ordered Me & Qi's Unblock Tea which was recommended by my lactation consultant. Honestly, this tea is a game changer! I haven’t gotten a single plug since taking this tea, it's been weeks! Also I can sleep a little longer between feeds/pumps! If you’re as desperate as I was, take the plunge and give the tea a try. I’m so happy I did!

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Nothing short of a miracle! I was seriously getting ready to give up breastfeeding. It had become way too painful, I kept having blocked ducts and mastitis. I tried all the common solutions (hot shower, massage, cabbage leafs, etc.) and nothing worked. Until Unblock Nursing tea: I took it and within a few hours the swelling in my breasts started reducing. By the next day, all my issues were resolved, pain-free breastfeeding again! I couldn't recommend it highly enough!

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You know a good company from a bad one when they admit and fix their mistakes. They’d mistakenly sent me a package of Milk Boost Tea when I had ordered the Unblock Nursing Tea. I contacted them with a quite exasperated email. They told me I could keep the Milk Boost for free and they sent me an additional box of Unblock Nursing Tea at no additional cost which I received in less than 2 days.

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As a board-certified lactation consultant, I’ve bought this for my patients because it is - as far as I’m aware - the only such tea on the market. I’ve given it to half a dozen nursing moms so far and it worked for all of them. The perfect product as far as I’m concerned: natural, highly affordable and efficient! Thank you Me & Qi on behalf of nursing moms!

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