Using breastfeeding as birth control

By Me & Qi
Mar 30, 2021

We often get questions around the topic of breastfeeding and birth control.

Many mums want to know if breastfeeding alone stops them getting pregnant. Other mums on the contrary want another kid and wonder if breastfeeding will prevent them from having one.

Feel free to jump to the question that concerns you most or read through each one if you want to understand everything there is to know about the relationship between breastfeeding and fertility:

How to improve the nutritional quality of your milk

To improve the quality of your breast milk we strongly recommend you drink Milk Boost Tea. It's an ancestral recipe of 13 natural herbs that's been used for centuries by nursing mums in Asia to boost their milk's nutritional value.

For instance it contains Dong Quai, a root also known as the "female ginseng" for its wide range of health benefits for women. It also contains Longans, famous for nourishing the blood and helping nursing women recover from childbirth.

Milk Boost Tea to boost milk supply

Milk Boost Tea is a natural herbal tea that can help you improve your milk volume and its nutritional value


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